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Well, I also work at Universal Studios Orlando. I've been at the E.T. Adventure as a seasonal employee for a little over a year now.

It's fun, but I hate the QPM that come all the damn time to rate how well the employees at each ride are doing. We just got one back, and I was mentioned 3 times, which is mega crazy. One was good, for 'additional positive comments made'.

Two were bad though, one for 'little debris', referring to trash of course, which, what the hell, maybe I was just bumped in, and didn't have a chance to pick up all the shit? Because I know I throw away a LOT of nasty ass trash every day. Gross ass tourists. ick.

And the other bad one was for pointing, which I didn't realize was such a terrible thing. In my orientation, the guy said that we shouldn't point with two fingers because thats what Disney does, and that overall it doesn't really matter. So whatever. Plus the whole-hand-point looks incredibly ridiculous and pompous, so I don't do that. And I honestly don't see how anyone could possibly be offended by my pointing with one finger into the forest in order to direct the guest flow. It just isn't offensive. Unless you're pointing at a person... I guess.

Anyway, I love E.T. I hate QPM. And guests can be quite retarded at times.
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