im_emo_ok (im_emo_ok) wrote in parkemployees,

Mardi Gras

Does anyone who works at Universal know how to get my brother and I on one of the Mardi Gras floats? I really wanna take him to do that. The problem is he's 15. Any help would be awesome! If you get us on one, I'll buy you lunch or something!
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Get there very early and go to the Production Information (Lost & Found) desk near the main Guest Services. I think that's where you go to sign up, if not they'll know how to do it. You do have to sign up or something really early.
Awesome! Thanks! Oh, and do you work at Earthquake?
He does, and so do I... in fact, he's using MY icon. But they're cracking down on people under 18 doing it, so he might have to wait.
And thanks for the icon! I told you you could take my TD icon!
Saturdays from 11:00am to 7:30pm. I'm usually spieling (performing the preshows). The icon for this comment is a snapshot of our Technical Director's booth, the room where the person who comes out after the earthquake sits and monitors the ride.

Also allow me to plug my show. I perform with The Rich Weirdoes. We're the local shadow cast for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We perform midnight every second and fourth Friday and Saturday (ie this weekend!) of the month at the Loews Universal Cineplex at Citiwalk. I play Brad Majors, Dr Scott, and The Criminologist.

We also perform the movie Moulin Rouge midnight every first Friday and Saturday of the month (next shows May 6 & 7) at the same theater. I play Christian (the lead role, played by Ewan McGregor in the movie).

Please come and see us and check out the websites for more details, pictures, and more. If you do come see our show please come up to me before or after and say hi!
Yeah, I'll definitely try. How will I know it's you beforehand?
For Earthquake, just ask the greeter to find Tom. For Rocky, ask a cast member. For Moulin Rouge, I'm their only Christian right now.