buffyfan30 (buffyfan30) wrote in parkemployees,

Hello From A Universal Employee

Hey guys. I just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I have worked at Universal Orlando since 1992, just after graduating from high school. Here are the jobs I've had:

Food Service Cashier (1 year)
Kongfrontation Attendant (2 years)
Back To The Future Attendant (1 year)
ET Attendant (just a couple of months, when pregnant. Sat and did the names all day... boring!)
Food Services Data Control Clerk (1 year - basically data entry at the time)
Food Services Clerk (1 year - receptionist)
Food Service Purchasing Coordinator (1 1/2 years)
CityWalk Warehouse Coordinator (9 months)
Park Services Admin. Assistant (2 years)
Internal Audit Assistant (1 year)
Parking Admin. Assistant (7 months)
Finance Admin. Assistant (so far, a little more than a year)

Whew! I've been around. In my defense, I was laid off from 2 of those jobs, and then they found me something else. The other moves were usually a better opportunity or more money. I am desperately trying to get out of Finance (boring), and I think I want to move into Sales and Marketing for good, maybe move up out of the admin role into management.

Anyway, I really like working here. For one thing, you have so many opportunities (obviously). And they do treat us well.
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