...the LJ from the ordinary. (khelinski) wrote in parkemployees,
...the LJ from the ordinary.

For US employees.

My name is Keith Helinski, I've fell in love with Universal since my first trip at age 15 (now age 21).

I've always wanted to move down to Florida, relocate - so to speak. And always wanted to work at Universal in some capacity. Now, I am at that age where I want to pick up and go - but in today society (especially the cost of living and in recent current events (since it is on the news as we speak), gas.

I've been diligently sending resumes by both email and regular mail to Universal with a cover letter and resume, asking for a job. Not sure what I would prefer. I do have movie theater and restaurant experience in the clean up area, so maybe I should aim for that. I know it's not something to live by entirely, but it's something to work myself up to (I could see my self as manager within a couple of years or so).

I happen to live in the Metro area of Detroit, Michigan. So it is quite a drive to pick up and go. But I am in all utmost anxious and motivated. And while it is a spontaneous and stupid plan (since there is no guarantee of a job), it's always been my dream. I just don't know if it is ideally...and just need some perceptive from full time employees of Universal. There are so many opportunities at Universal, it's endless. And with my credentials and such, I don't see how there is a problem. But I am not sure if it is entirely realistic - and I am still not guarantee a job if I do decide to just pick up and leave...
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